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Santo Domingo Justice Ministry Rescues Victims of Child Traffickers

The Justice Ministry of Santo Domingo released information police, child humanitarian authorities, and representatives from Justice Ministry removed hundreds of trafficked Haitian and Dominican children off the streets where they had been forced to beg. Many of the children were too confused to give rescuers their families' whereabouts. In all 302 underage children were collected, some of them from tourist spots.

Of the total figure of abducted children, 58 of them were Haitian. National Childhood Council spokesman, Alberto Padilla, said Santo Domingo officials have been talking to Haitian officials to try and get the children reunified with their families. In the meantime, the children have been housed in shelters in Santo Domingo, Jarabacoa, and Santiago.

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Jean Pierre Boyer's Autocratic Rule

Jean Pierre Boyer, Haiti's 4th President, ruled for 25 years. He was one of several military leaders instrumental in establishing the Republic of Haiti in 1804. A high-born mulatto, he received his education in France, where he entered the French Revolutionary Army, becoming a battalion commander.

Boyer originally fought alongside Toussaint L'Ouverture towards the beginning of the Haitian Revolution, but switched allegiance to Alexander Petion when he learned the French wanted to re-introduce slavery. During Petion's rulership of Haiti, he had the Constitution amended so he could name his successor. Shortly before his death, he appointed Boyer.

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Haiti offers to Canada the biggest growth opportunity

Considering the economic situation of many countries in the world, Haiti is looking more and more attractive as a place for doing business to many countries in the world that are focusing on growth. Haiti presents itself as a country where a lot of money can be made; at least, this is what the Canadian government believes. In a world where the competition is fierce and each country is looking out for their own interest, Canada is not an exception.

The Harper Government will lead a trade mission to Santo Domingo and Port-au-Prince from September 2 to 7, 2012 to open the door to new opportunities in that market for these Canadian companies. Twenty organizations, primarily from the infrastructure and , will be participating in the trade mission.

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