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Sauveur Pierre Etienne calls Martelly Incompetent and irresponsible

The coordinator of the political party OPL, Sauveur Pierre Etienne, classified President Michel Martelly as irresponsible leader following the announcement on January 1st by the President to hold the second round of the presidential election on January 17.


Sauveur Pierre Etienne di Martelly enkonpetan e irèsponsab

Koòdonatè nan pati politik OPL, Sauveur Pierre Etienne, konsidere Prezidan Michel Martelly kòm lidè irèsponsab e enkonpetan pou anons 1ye janvye pa Prezidan an kote li te kenbe dezyem wonn eleksyon prezidansyèl pou u 17 janvye.

Ki sa ou panse?

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Sauveur P. Etienne di Kole ou pran, pa kole ou pran Ak Jovenel Moise

Ansyen Kandida Sauveur Pierre Etienne panse li initil pou Jude Celestin ale nan yon eleksyon ak kandida Jovenel Moise. pwochen Prezidan Ayiti an te deja chwazi. Se kandida PHTK, Jovenel Moise. Dapre Mesye Pierre Etienne, diskisyon aktyèl la se pa sou prezidan an, men pito ki moun ki pral Premye Minis anba Jovenel Moise. Li di te gen yon batay ant Minis Touris Stephanie Villedrouin Balmir ak Minis Wilson Laleau kòm tou de nan yo enterese a pozisyon an

Former Presidential candidate Sauveur Pierre Étienne thinks it is useless for Jude Celestin to go to a rund off election with candidate Jovenel Moise. For him, wheter or not Jude participates in the run off, the next president of Haiti has already been selected and it is none other than the candidate of PHTK, Jovenel Moise. in addition, according to Mr. Pierre Etienne, the current discussion is not about the nest president but rather who will be the next Prime Minister under Jovenel Moise. He said there was a fight between Haiti Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin Balmir and Minister Wilson Laleau as both of them are interested

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Sauveur Pierre Etienne, first to call fraud, first to accept results

On the same night of the election results, the presidential candidate under the banner of the Organization of People in Struggle (OPL), Sauveur Pierre Etienne, was one of the first candidates to accept the election results as published by the CEP. He went on to immediately declare his support in the second round to his friend Jude Celestin.

That would have been fine under normal Circumstance and if he did not take a different position regarding the election just days ago. Sauveur Pierre Etienne was leading a group of seven political parties who were demanding the formation of an independent entity to investigate allegation of election fraud. He named a Spanish Company "SOLAR" which was responsible for the fraud in favor of the PHTK candidate. He also managed to obtain the signatures of several candidates such as Jude Celestin, Samuel Madistin, Eric jean Baptiste, Jean Henry Ceant, and others in his scam.

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Jovenel Moise would have wan 53 percent of the vote

If you want to believe the words of candidate Sauveur Pierre Etienne as accomplished facts, than you would believe that there will not be a run off presidential election in Haiti. According to Sauveur Pierre Etienne's own sources, the Spanish Company SOLAR will declare the PHTK candidate the winner of the election by winning at 53 percent of the votes.

Mr. Etienne also stated that representatives of seven political parties are currently in discussion to counter this act and that they will be issuing a press release later today to make public their stand. He had already contacted Jude Celestin, Samuel Madistin, Eric jean Baptiste, Jean Henry Ceant, Steven Benoit and Moise Jean Charles.

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Haiti Political parties and their Leaders

Throughout the history of Haiti, only a few political parties have had a strong organizational structure. In the 1870s and the 1880s, the Liberal Party and the National Party were the two dominant political parties in Haiti reflecting the social and class division that exists in the country. On one side, you see the Liberals party composed mainly of the wealthier and better-educated mulatto minority in Haiti. On the other hand, the Nationalists Party, made mainly of the lower-and middle-class black majority.

Following the United States occupation (1915-34), the nationalist parties organized around the issue of resistance to foreign occupation. The political parties in Haiti started multiplying during the presidential campaign of 1946. Many candidates were participating, including: Parti Socialiste (PSP), Parti Democrate Unifi (PDU), Mouvement Ouvrier Paysan (MOP) and many more. During the Duvalier reign, most political leaders had been silenced.

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