Pierre Jenty orchestrates a Sham Voodoo Curse Bilks $20,000 out of Victim

A New York woman, believing she'd been hexed, sought services of a Voodoo practitioner, Pierre Jenty, in Miami Florida. Sixty-six year-old Jenty, a con artist, scammed upwards of $20,000 dollars out of her. It came to a violent end when she came up short of money on her last trip to him. She was drugged and raped.


The unidentified victim was a Haitian Voodoo believer. Voodoo, an integral part of Haitian culture, was brought to Haiti by Congolese slaves. When European colonists settled in Haiti, Catholicism became the dominant religion, forcing Voodoo underground. But Voodoo priests adopted Catholic practices, and the religions have co-existed peacefully since.

During November 2006, she made one of her periodic visits to Jenty for predictions on which lottery numbers to play. When Jenty did not show up at the airport, she took a taxi to his lodgings at a Best Western. She paid him $300 instead of the $1,000 he'd asked for, and he became visibly angry. Giving her narcotics-spiked cola, he massaged her with ointment to induce sleep faster. Upon waking, she saw her underpants had been removed. Alarmed, she called Miami-Dade police.

Police arrested Pierre Jenty but he jumped bail before returning to Miami six years later. He was arrested again, indicted for sexual assault and grand theft, and jailed. A urinalysis came back positive. Jenty claims the woman was his girlfriend and the $20,000 was money he'd lent her and she'd paid back. A trial date has not yet been set.

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Subject: Pierre Jenty orchestrates a Sham Voodoo Curse Bilks $20,000 out of Victim edit

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