Tips on Fake Kidnapping Scams claiming to have kidnapped relative

Reports on fake kidnapping scams have been made recently. According to reports, scammers call random people and tell them that they have abducted a relative. It can be someone's brother, sister, son, or others. Once the victim has believed the caller, the criminal will then ask for ransom. These fake kidnappers would also frighten the caller by "threatening" the life of his/her relative.


Haiti kidnapping

Such incidents have happened in various places already, including Singapore and the American state of Miami. Officials said this crime is not new because it actually started in 1998 in Puerto Rico. According to Miami officials, more than 40 cases of kidnapping scams have already been reported in the past months. The Federal Bureau of Investigation added that the agency receives similar reports at least once a week.

The crime is not only done via telephones. Some criminals also use the Internet and text message to send false details about kidnappings. This is seen to incite fear and alarm among people. Officials advise the public not to easily fall for this crime.

If one gets a call, he/she should not let fear take over. Having a clear and sharp mind is important so that you can check whether the caller is telling the truth or is just trying to scam you. Moreover, do not give out any personal details, including your bank account information. Once you find out that the call was a scam, hang up immediately. It would be best to call the authorities should something like this happens.

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