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Joseph Lambert, Youri Latortue and Yvon Buissereth want to return, Moise Jean Charles

The story of the citizenship of Michel Martelly continues to occupy front page in the news. The latest I heard today is from Senator Moise Jean Charles who stated that the three senators who gave their resignation last week want to comeback to the panel. Senators Joseph Lambert, Youri Latortue and Yvon Buissereth want to return according to Moise jena Charles. The Senator from North Department said that the three Haitian senators miscalculated the outcome and thought that the investigation would have been closed with the presentation of these passports by President Michel Martelly.

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Haitian Government Members not to submit requested documents unless there is a court order

The government of Haiti has taken a stand on the request by the Senate Committee responsible to investigate the nationality of President Michel Martelly and members of the Haitian government. The Haitian Government has instructed all members of his government to refrain from submitting the requested documents. The Press Office of the Martelly government stated that unless there is a Court Order requiring them to submit travel documents, it will not happen.

"Me Zanmi, Ala Yon Payi Gin Bandi"

According to a report, President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Garry Conille on Monday headed a Ministers' Concil meeting at the National Palace. They reviewed the request made by members of the Haitian congress requiring for all members of the government to prove their Haitian nationality by submitting passports. The government concluded that unless there is a court order requires them to do so, they will not do so.

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Demands of 16 Senators to Michel Martelly made public

The Haitian Senators have spoken. The 16 Haitian Senators or as they come to be known as the group of 16 released a statement in which they made several demands to President Michel Martelly. According to the Senators, this is the only way the current crisis can be solved between the Haitian President and the Senators.

This is definitely a long list and in it, there are several demands made to the president.

It is a proclamation of the current situation and the Senators.

Knowing the mentality of my Haitian brothers in Haiti, if the Senators are not willing to negotiate on this proposed list, we are doomed. We are in a political deadlock for a long time. And that is and I repeat, that is if "Mister Blanc" does not come in and say enough is enough.

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Haitian Senate rejected Bernard Gousse for Prime Minister in final Votes

Once again, another round of selecting a new Prime Minister Designee and going through ratification process as Haitian lawmakers rejected President Michel Martelly's second choice for Haiti's Prime Minister. The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that the vote results were as expected, with the 16 Senators who have been outspoken against the nomination of Bernard Gousse for Prime Minister, voting "No" and 14 Senators voting for the ratification.

This is a case of "Deja Vue".

Anmwey! Gran Neg ap Fe Politik, Malere Ap mouri Ak Grangou"

This is the second time that Haitian lawmakers rejected the choice of president Michel Martelly for prime Minister.

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Deputies Under Inite Platform as consultants at Ministry of the Interior

Is this a case of corruption when 11 members of Inite party are engaged in consulting jobs? Some how I did not know it was so easy to get a job in Haiti.

The RNDDH reported that several current Haitian Parliamentarians were being paid as consultants from October 2010 at the Ministry of Interior. All were members of the Inite Platform. According to the report, these are the same people who were responsible to fight corruption.

"Rat Kay Kap Mange Poul Kay"

Based on the report issued by RNDDH, except for one, all Deputies Under Inite Platform were receiving Monthly salary of 100,000 gourdes, each.

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