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Eight Haitian teens arrested for raping 16 year old girl in Fort Lauderdale

You are looking at the picture of three Haitian teenagers who have been accused for raping a 16 year old girl in a vacant home in fort Lauderdale. According to the Police, the girl told them that on May 14, the girl met her boyfriend James Dorelus, then several friends of her boyfriend arrived. She tried to get away but two other teens grabbed her and sexually assaulted her. While the girl continued to struggle, two more teens came into the room and over the next several hours, she was forced to engage in sexual acts with eight of them.

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Program Director at Radio Vision 2000 robbed and sexually assaulted

We learned that the the Programming Director at Radio vision 2000 was the victim of robbery and sexual assault yesterday. Early on Monday, an unidentified person broke into her home and rapped her. That person also waled out with her telephone, laptop and Ipod. Source:

Sexual Abuse is every one's problem!

Haitian Kreyol:

Yo vòlè Direktè Pwogram nan Radyo Vizyon 2000, plis fè li abi sèksuèl

Nou te aprann ke Direktè Pwogram nan Radyo Vizyon 2000 te viktim vòl ak atak seksyèl yè. Bonè nan Lendi, yon moun ki pa idantifye te kaze kay li. Moun sa te profite abize li sèksuèlman epi soti ale ak telefòn li, konpitè pòtatif ak Ipod. Sous:

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Non-Government Organizations Combating Gender-Based Violence in Haiti

Haiti, which suffers from the worst poverty in the western Hemisphere, frequent natural disasters, and an inconstant government, has been more prone to gender-based violence (GBV). In the first years following Aristide's expired second-term, 35,000 women were raped in a power grab for political dominance. And Haiti's history discloses that in the aftermath of 60 rulers over-thrown or assassinated, many rapes occurred as a result of the violence.

Statistics gathered by non-government organization (NGO), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), documented that Haiti experiences one of the highest percentages of GBV perpetrated on women. An alarming 72% of young Haitian girls have been sexually assaulted. Another NGO, Inter-American Commission on Human rights, discovered that 90%-plus Haitian women have experienced some variation of violent assault on their persons.

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The Role of Women in Haitian Society

Haiti is a country struggling economically, politically, and socially. As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, it has repeatedly been on the failed states index. To improve its standing among nations of the world, it must operate a stable and organized government, strengthen its infrastructure, and accord women equal and fair treatment in every aspect of their lives.

Women in Haiti are marginalized by their gender, considered inferior by males at every level of society. The brainwashing of women begins in childhood. Small girls quickly learn they are not valued, experiencing incest and watching their mothers being harassed and beaten.

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Ronald Gerard Demeza negotiated payment with family of Danielle Marie Bernadin

This is the latest I have heard so far on the Rape case of former Justice Minister Josue Pierre Louis and Danielle Marie Bernadin.

We have learned that the person who went and attempted to negotiate with the family of the rape victim is Ronald Gerard Demeza. According to "LeMatinHaiti", Ronald Gerard Demeza presented himself as a lawyer. However, he completely denied that he was hired by Mr. Josué Pierre-Louis to work a settlement with Danielle Marie Bernadin's family.

Ronald Gerard Demeza admitted that by a request coming from the father of the victim he had met with him to see how they could resolve the issue privately

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The real cost to the family who becomes victim of crime in Haiti

According to a recent report by the University of Michigan or by just watching the level of insecurity in Haiti lately, violent crime continues to rise in Haiti.

The emotional factor in a crime is sometime unbearable. But this is usually not the only thing the family who is the victim of a crime in Haiti has to deal with.

Has anyone thought about the sudden cost that the family has to deal with, such as funeral and burial. In some cases, families helping the children cope with the crime.

According to the report from University of Michigan:

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Death threat by MINUSTAH to friend who disclosed Rape Video

We have a video of the interview between reporter Guyer Delva and friends of the rape victim. This is a voice report only. Five Uruguayan peacekeepers in Haiti sexually molested an 18-year-old man in an attack reportedly captured by a cellphone camera.

In the original report, you can see several men laughing as they pin down a young man on a mattress. It seems to me that MINUSTAH has not been positive all positive in their involvement in Haiti. They are at the root of the cholera outbreak as it was confirmed that a unit of peacekeepers from Nepal was responsible for the epidemic that killed more than 6,200 people and sickened more than 438,000.

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Life Sentence for Haitian Man who got 9 year old Haitian girl pregnant

Authorities in West palm Beach County, Florida, reported that Datilus who is from Haiti impregnated a Haitian girl in 2009 who were 9 years old at the time. He received a life sentence last Wednesday which will give him plenty of time to think about his crime.

The "Haitian Joudalist" learned that the impregnated girl already gave birth to the baby. She carried her child full term and delivered the baby after she turned ten. The father of the impregnated child did not know about the pregnancy until he took her for a routine medical check-up.

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Haitian Priest revoked in Boston for Sexual misconduct

The Haitian Joudalist learned that Rev. Gabriel Michel was suspended from performing his duties at St. Angela's Parish in Mattapan, after allegation of adult sexual misconduct on his part.

Was the sexual misconduct allegation against a child, an adult, a man, or a woman?

Not a lot of detail was available about the specific allegations, however, Boston archdiocese stated that they notified Reverend Louis Kebreau, the archbishop of Cap-Haitian, Haiti about the allegation and their decision.

Should Catholic priest be allowed to have a very close friend of the opposite sex?

Why can't priests be allowed to be married, specifically Rev. Gabriel Michel?

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