Haiti ranked Dead last in port facilities, airport, road and infrastructure

I don't think this information surprises too many and I can guarantee you that our responsible Haitian government will not lose sleep over such revelation.


The Haitian population does not ask much from their government.

Come to think of it, the Haitian population does not expect anything from their government that they are paying.

In the latest ranking conducted by Latinvex, an online publication specializing in business in Latin America and the Caribbean, Haiti found itself in the last position in the areas of port facilities, airports, roads and infrastructure.

Panama is ranked in number one position, with our neighbor, the Dominican republic in third position. Dominican Republic ranked third for best time in the export of container, 2nd in the import of containers and airport runways, 3rd for the best quality of air transport and 4th for the best port quality.

We are one of the countries demanding a tone of documents to export container. We also rank among the countries that take more days to export or import containers. Our capacity to monitor shipment is almost non existent as well as finding price for shipment.

Do they actually read any of the document they have been asking for?

Who is shocked by this revelation? Certainly not the people who have been shipping merchandise to or from Haiti

Will we ever get out of the back of the bus?

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Rando says...

In business, you give your customers what they ask for not what you want to

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Pierre says...

This is the same country who always the best on everything, who think they can tell others what to do, how to do things, specially small country like ours so about we be free to do thing our way not to please you, but to please our people, when its about take adventage on my country everyone stand firm for it, when its about talk lot of talk when its about action no one to be seen, just like when a desaster they to be the first to knowing all..I wish they can live our country alone take care of

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