First Lady of haiti, Sophia Martelly, Address 3rd Promotion Epidemiologists

First Lady Sophia Martelly, whose service project is public health, was present for the 2013'2014 graduation ceremony of the 3rd Promotion Class of Epidemiologists. Other health officials in attendance were Health and Population Ministry General Director, Dr. Georges Dubuche; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Representative, Dr. Victor Caceres; and Communications Minister, Dr. Rudy Heriveaux. Credit was given to the Department of Epidemiology by Dr. Martial Beneche, President of the 3rd Promotion, for its superb work in preparing the 3rd Promotion for the work ahead of them.


Mrs. Martelly reminded the graduates of the challenges they will face in dealing with the epidemics that plague the population. Most recently an outbreak of Chikungunya has spread rapidly throughout the Caribbean, the first cases reported in Haiti in May 2014. Mrs. Martelly acknowledged that "the recognition of epidemiology as a field of study is relatively new, and yet it is one of the pillars of public health and modern medicine."

For those not acquainted with science of epidemiology, it is a study of widespread diseases among certain segments of a population, and its causes and effects. It is the foundation upon which knowledge of origins, symptoms, vulnerabilities, leads to implementation of policies to manage and treat the disease. This happens by conducting studies, analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and publishing the results in peer-reviewed journals. All information amassed is used for further scientific inquiry in developing a cure (a medication) and/or treatment to prevent or manage symptoms.

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Subject: First Lady of haiti, Sophia Martelly, Address 3rd Promotion Epidemiologists edit

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