Sophia Martelly voting in Election kicked out for due to Non-Citizenship

What is wrong with this picture. First lady Sophia Martelly performing her civic duty by voting on August 9, 2015 in the election for Senators and Deputee with her husband, President Michel Martelly.


This election could have been even more important for first Lady Sophia Martelly. She was actually a candidate for the senatorial seat in the west but was disqualified for citizenship issue. Authorities at the CEP found that the first lady was not a Haitian citizen and as a consequence couldn't run as a candidate in this election.

I would think if you are a non-citizen, you couldn't run for a seat or vote in the election. Obviously, this is not the case in Haiti

My question is that, if she was declared not to be a citizen of Haiti, how can she be allowed to vote in that same election

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Cher says...

Excellent question! Why indeed?

In Haiti, anything goes. If you have enough money and guns, you rule the world.

It is up to the people of Haiti to rally together against this atrocity of justice, but sadly, they will not. I cannot believe the country to this date has done nothing to right the wrong of excluding Lamothe-Haiti's best chance for positive

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Subject: Sophia Martelly voting in Election kicked out for due to Non-Citizenship edit

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