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Bainet, a Paradise on Earth in Haiti

Bainet, located on the south-eastern portion of the Tiburon Peninsula, is a coastal town. The capital of Bainet Arrondissement under Sud-Est Department, its population numbers 166,000 residents, most of whom inhabit the mountains. It is a strong coffee-growing area, yielding premium coffees unlike any other in the Caribbean. Farmers grow crops in rich mineral soil, with a vast selection of fruits produced, among them peach, cherry, coconut, mangoes, guava, apricot, and avocado.

The people of Bainet, big-hearted and friendly, travel by horses, mules, or on foot. Because the village is not on a power grid, the community uses kerosene lamps at night. With no TV or radio available, families often gather together and regale one another with stories. They hand down folklore from grandparents to parents, children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren in some instances.

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