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The argument for limiting consumption of Air Conditioner

It is always a big relief and quite refreshing to walk into a cool room after being out in the hot sun. But very few of us are aware that prolonged use of air conditioners causes more harm than good. It plays havoc on our skin and hair. Our skins are not sufficiently protected to combat it; the chill of AC pulls out moisture from the skin and leave it feels dry and stretched. The people with dry skin must have noticed that their skin becomes flaky after regular or prolonged exposure to AC, because constant dryness affects the inner layer of the skin.

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Tips for surviving the Hot Summer days without AC

Whether you are living in Haiti where many people can't either afford air conditioner or if they do, can't get the electricity to run it, or living in another warm climate, spending the summer time without air conditioning can make excessive heat feel uncomfortable.

However, once you follow some of these tricks mentioned here, it would be possible to stay cool and comfortable in your home without AC during the warm summer months. You can avoid the heat and save money by skipping the AC.

1. Plant Trees: It is an ingenious conspiracy of passive cooling. Plant trees, if possible, on the east and west side of your home. It was an old tradition to protect one's home from the rays of the rising and setting sun.

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Top Summer Safety Tips for Parents

The summer months are synonymous with fun, however, neglecting good sense when dealing with the inherent dangers posed by the hottest months of the year can lead to situations much less enjoyable than anticipated. Child safety is solely the responsibility of parents as soon as school lets out. For those who need a primer on what that requires, here are some tips on summer safety.

Sunscreen, Heatstroke and Hydration

Of course you know this! An SPF of 15 or higher will protect them from harmful sun rays and prevent painful sunburns. Pack enough for hourly reapplications as they tend to fade with sweat.

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Energy Saving Tips for this Hot Summer

Summer 2013 could perhaps have some of the highest temperatures ever recorded. For most, this means a higher energy bill.

Conserving on your energy bill will end up saving you big, especially leading up to 2013's summer scorcher.

With A/C:
• Ensure your unit fits snugly in its window and there are no openings for precious cool air to escape. Cool rooms only when they are occupied (same goes for using the lights and appliances) and close off unused sections by shutting doors. This heat boundary can save you up to 20% on your bill. Also, keep your filters clean and service your unit annually.
• Block out the sun by closing curtains or shades. During the hottest parts of the day, the sun's penetrating rays kick a/c units into overdrive. Stave off this effect by blocking some of the light. Investing in trees that will grow to provide shade at easterly and westerly points is a good, long-term idea.

Without A/C:
• Unplug appliances that aren't being used. That red light on your TV, radio, DVD player or cell phone charger (which uses the same amount of energy in use or dormant) sucks power even when you're not looking! Keeping your plugs on one unit means it's easy to unplug whole sections not being used at once.
• Taking cold showers is not just practical in the heat, it is energy efficient too.
• Give your oven a break; they have a tendency to heat up the whole house, which in turn inspires energy usage for cooling down.
• Use energy saving bulbs.
Finally, go out and enjoy the summer at the beach or somewhere cool. Your electricity bill will miss you, but... what to do?

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Haitian Fashion Designer Charles Dieujuste Introduces Spring/Summer

Charles Corvsky Dieujuste is Haitian fashion designer. Charles had grown up with the passion for art. He once told his mother that he wanted to be an artist but his mother did not encourage him at that age because she wanted him to study. Despite the discouragement, his passion grew day by day.

Charles was greatly influenced by his aunt who was a tailor. He decided to do a unique thing from what his family did. Though he did not attend any school to study fine art as he would have liked, he was able to design fashion. He worked up in a textile company and their home sewing productions. These two molded him into a fashion designer.

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Battling The Summer Heat

Summer is a great time for vacation and outdoor activities, as well as a good relief from cold winter and damp spring days.

Summer is a great time for vacation and outdoor activities, as well as a good relief from cold winter and damp spring days. A lot of people go out during this season to work, join excursions and embark on trips.

However, not everything is great about summer because heat-related illnesses are common in this season. And in order to enjoy summer to the fullest, you should know how to avoid such heat ailments that can ruin your day.

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