The Life of Franketienne

Haitian culture's emblematic figure, Franketienne is a Haitian teacher, painter, actor, writer and poet. He has authored 40 books in Creole and French that include names like Ultravocal and Dezafi. His exceptional work has earned him numerous literary awards and prizes. He was born in 1936 and his original name was Franck Etienne. When it comes to painting and art, Franketienne is known for his abstract and colorful work and very often he has been found to be emphasizing on red and blue.


Franketienne is a protagonist - larger-than-life type of protagonist and even during the days when Haiti succumbed to the dictatorships of Papa Doc and Baby Doc, he was never forced by his fear to step down of the National Stage. Franketienne compares a dictator to sado-masochistic relationship where a master is served by his slaves and the very existence of a master depends on the existence of slaves. However, Franketienne never related the historic Haitian slavery with sado-masochistic relationship because even though the master-slave relationship held true in those days, the only problem was that the slaves were considered to be expendable because of excess supply.

Franketienne was declared, by the cultural agency of The United Nation, as Artist for Peace because of the contributions he made to French-language literature and also because of Franketienne's commitment to preserve the culture of Haiti. One of the greatest artists and intellects of Haiti, Franketienne is considered to be a global citizen and belongs to the artistic, cultural and creative vanguard through the length and breadth of Caribbean.

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Pierre-audie says...

I was enthralled by Mr Frankétienne last month as i heard his interview on you tube which he gave to the Nouvelliste .I have not had the chance to read his work but i'm eager to do so. I.t's to bad he's not selling his books on Kindle...CHAPEAU BAS to a great man and

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Malenkov says...

The article just said that Frank was born in 1936, without the place of his birth, the beginning of his career, his ups and downs of his career.

Some more details about a great achiever like Frank needs to be more elaborated, when flashing his life to the public.

The picture shows him with some kids with no detail about the kid, his

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