Introduction of Surtab Tablet Creates Excitement for Haitians

Apple's tablet started a revolution when it was introduced by Steve Jobs a few years back. Since then imitators have produced their versions of the popular, compact device. The innovative tablet has finally reached the shores of Haiti, among the first in the Caribbean to be offered the technological wonder of the new millennium.


Surtab is Haiti's first tablet, currently in production, assembled by local Haitian workers. It possesses the standard 7-inch screen, with a high-definition resolution, and a 1.2 GHz processor. It contains 512 MB of RAM and a micro SD card, used for two cameras (one a video) that can increase their 4GB memory to 32 GB. It weighs not more than half a pound, lightweight enough for children to carry.

The introduction of the Surtab is fulfilling the dreams of low-income Haitians and students, who can now become part of the Internet culture, a global phenomenon. It is a boon to the many, who cannot afford a laptop or desktop computer, and the fact it is the latest in technology advances gives hope to the government of Haiti that the fallow technology sector can be resurrected to help improve the economy.

The Surtab is available in two models, a Wi-Fi that will retail at $100 and a 3G to be sold for $200 in stores. Surtab, funded by local private investors and grant money, is expanding its market sales throughout the Caribbean, already processing orders from Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, and Suriname.

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Subject: Introduction of Surtab Tablet Creates Excitement for Haitians edit

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