Laurent Lamothe met Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computer

Haitian Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, while attending the 44th World Economic Forum, held a private meeting with Michael Dell, who founded global company, Dell Computer.


Lamothe is reaching out to Dell, as part of implementing the Martelly administration's E-Governance Program, which includes developing initiatives for education and the environment. He met with Dell to talk about job creation, and the use of cutting-edge technologies to improve the functioning of the government of Haiti (GOH).

Dell and Lamothe dialogued about the urgency of starting a partnership between the GOH and Dell Computer. They were in accord about using Dell's computer technology to promote the modernization of public administration and provide more transparency in the running of government affairs. Martelly has placed the modernization of state functions high on his list of priorities. The discussions also targeted Haiti's quality of education and its improvement.

Dell agreed with Lamothe students in Haiti need more availability to information technology and communications. Dell said his company would build computer labs in select areas of Haiti to benefit elementary- and high-school students.

Dell Inc. operates as a privately owned global computer technology company, headquartered in Texas in the U.S. It manufactures, sells, and provides tech support for its computers and ancillary products and services, with an employee base of more than 103,300 people worldwide. Dell offers customers the opportunity to purchase a computer, designed to their specifications. Dell ranks as a Fortune 500 company and is publicly traded on NASDAQ.

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