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Haiti, a possible Television manufacturer in the future

There is a chance that Haiti might be in the business of manufacturing Television in the future. According to information obtained by HaitiObserver.Com, a Japanese company is currently interested in building a Television manufacturing plant in Haiti.

We have learned that a meeting was held recently between the Director General of the National Council of Telecommunications (CONATEL) and FUNAI Electric CO which is a major Japanese multinational firm. This Japanese company has delivered electronic brands such as Emerson, Magnavox and Phillips and others.

This is yet another hopeful sigh for Haiti as the country is fighting its way out of poverty.

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Garcelle Beauvais, Famous Haitian

Haitian born Garcelle Beauvais is a veritable diamond 'from' the rough, her rise in the business of show a true testament that dreams born on Haitian soil can come true. The 46 year old actress, singer and model got her start at 16 when she was signed to the Ford modeling agency. It was her first big break, and it came about after the divorce of parents Axel Jean Pierre and Marie-Claire provided a move that would change her life.

Her mother, a nurse, left the island with Garcelle and her six older siblings and relocated to Massachusetts. After leaving her lawyer father and country of birth behind Garcelle, then seven, experienced severe culture shock. She learned to adjust and picked up English by watching popular American kids shows, perhaps fueling her inspiration for future on-screen success.

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New 116 channels television service for Haiti by Thomson Video Networks

The news was announced on Sunday in a press briefing by Thomson Video Networks. It will be working with Broadcast International Group (BIG), a Florida based broadcasting system which is very successful heavyweight in the industry to offer 116 channels television service in Haiti.

A new license-holding company, Digital Satellite System (DSS), will operate the service under the brand name NUtv, and the decision to specify an advanced technical solution from Thomson Video Networks for the head end allows DSS to overcome the challenges of bringing a high-quality service to the whole nation. NUtv will offer 116 channels. Each of these channels will carry dual audio.

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Sharon Pierre-Louis, Haitian American actress

Sharon Pierre-Louis is an American actor who has made it simply out of great and exceptional talent which she realized long enough to warrant excellence and success. She is born of Haitian parents who had immigrated to the states in the 1980s and had her born in the country making her a citizen by birth. She has 5 other siblings one of whom is a deaf brother.

Sharon Pierre-Louis is a great actor having been involved with various ABC series and programs and making it big on the shows she has done to the present day. She is one of the few people who have been able to make it simply out of great talent and love for what they do. She is recorded of saying that she was a great fan of acting while still in her young years such that she even began acting at the age of 8.

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The CEP owes Haitian TV stations 9 million gourdes

The Provisional Electoral Council(CEP), has an "I owe You" that it does not want to honor.

The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that 40 Haitian Television stations are asking the CEP for payment amounting to 9 million Haitian Gourdes. This is close to $250,000 that the CEP owes the media for services provided during the runoff election in Haiti.

Can somebody start a foreclosure procedure on the CEP?

What makes this even more interesting is that the Haitian electoral institution admitted that they in fact owe the money to the Television stations. The only problem is that it can not be deliver now. They also affirmed that the money will be delivered soon.

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