The CEP owes Haitian TV stations 9 million gourdes

The Provisional Electoral Council(CEP), has an "I owe You" that it does not want to honor.


The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that 40 Haitian Television stations are asking the CEP for payment amounting to 9 million Haitian Gourdes. This is close to $250,000 that the CEP owes the media for services provided during the runoff election in Haiti.

Can somebody start a foreclosure procedure on the CEP?

What makes this even more interesting is that the Haitian electoral institution admitted that they in fact owe the money to the Television stations. The only problem is that it can not be deliver now. They also affirmed that the money will be delivered soon.

.... and that was all I needed to hear "soon..."

At this point, the "Haitian Joudalist feels that the problem has been resolved with the CEP because the money will be delivered "Soon".

They can now even borrow on this money. It is a sure thing.



Do you think the CEP can be trusted?

Do you think that the TV stations should have requested payment before providing services?

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Reve L. says...

The only mistake that the government made was not to put hese people in jail immediately after the election.

I heard that G. Dorsainvil already left Haiti via Dominican Republic border.

They should be brought to justice for what they have done to the

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Raoul P. says...

These people are so desperate for money, they will not let the Televisions s get that money.

These are pure

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Paula Michel says...

The TV stations can kiss the money good buy. The CEP is just not a reliable entity.

Hoefully the Haitian media will learn a lesson not to do business with these people unless the money is in their

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