What To Do After Floods Hit Farms And Crops

Haiti is still reeling from the impact of Hurricane Sandy, which damaged a large amount of crops and agriculture produce in the country. According to reports, floods covered almost the entire southern part of the country. This means that not only houses are affected but also crop and livestock farms. As a matter of fact, officials are now worried that losses in crop production can lead to food shortages.


Flood in Haiti

Disasters such as floods are not uncommon in Haiti and this is the reason why people, particularly farmers, should always be prepared. However, it is not everytime that farmers have enough time to keep their farms safe from floods. In this case, one must know how to deal with the floods' effects on their farm goods.

First and foremost, contaminated agricultural products should be separated from those that did not have direct contact with the floods. Keep in mind that any goods that were submerged in the floods should not be eaten. This is because contaminated products can cause health problems. When it comes to crops that did not directly touch the floodwaters, they still need to be assessed. Farmers must see first if these products remained edible.

Meanwhile, prevention is always better than cure. This means that planning ahead of time is very essential so as to save as much agriculture products as possible during floods. It is helpful to have an emergency plan for evacuation so that every time a calamity is coming, farmers can protect their crops and farms.

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