Terrier-Rouge A Destination In Haiti

Terrier-Rouge is located in the Nord-Est Deparment in Haiti at an elevation of 36 meters above sea level. In the Trou-du-Nord Arrondissement it is a municipality and a third order administrative division. Around 251,577 people inhabit the place. It lies 1° 57' 00" to the West and 19° 38' 00" to the North.



Many of the people are small scale farmers in Terrier-Rouge. Not many crops are harvested due to which feeding their families is a big struggle. Pea-congo, maize, sisal, potatoes and cassava are mainly produced here. Occasionally, the farmers are able to produce more than they need and sell the surplus produce in the market to earn a few extra coins

Terrier-Rouge is occupied mildly by around 161 people per square km. It is located close to Roman, Cormier, Oge, Devesin and Chancerelles. The capital city of Haiti, Port au Prince is located at a distance of 126km. Great Basin and Fond Blanc are the two communes that make up the Terrier-Rouge Arrondissement located between the Dominican Republic and Cap-Haitien.

What You Get To See

Mud and clay is used to construct homes. L'Ecole St and Clinique Esperence et Vie are among the few modern buildings in Terrier-Rouge. Few secondary and elementary schools are found here.

A non government organization called His Hands for Haiti supports children at Terrier-Rouge. L'eglise Baptiste de Terrier Rouge Parish oversees the children, the large number of people and the NGO

Religion And Climate

Leading denomination of the region is Catholicism. Protestants and some others who practice various rituals and vodou spirits are also found.

Climate at Terrier Rouge is like the rest of Haiti. Its generally cooler during nights when compared to day time. The coldest month is February with 16 degrees C and the warmest is July with 32 degrees C. It rains in May at Terrier Rouge.

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