Town of Dame-Marie

Dame-Marie is located in a small town on the seaside on Haiti's western tip in the Anse-d'Hainault municipality. It lies on the western side of the meridian at 74° 25'0" and towards the north of the equator at 18° 34' 0" with an elevation of 114 meters above the level of the sea.


Development in Dame-Marie
The Port au Prince is located at a 219 kilometers distance. On the Caribbean Sea edge, is located Dame-Marie town, filled with crags. As per the 2003 census, it has a population of around 271127.

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Dame-Marie is quite a developed place with well paved roads. In Haiti, the best roads can be seen at Dame-Marie, while most of the roads in the rest of Haiti are in a shocking state.

Economic Mainstays
A lot of potential is offered by the sea and land, however the profits are marginal and not enough for sustenance. People are involved in a number of professions and trades. The main economic mainstays of Dame-Marie are fishing and agriculture.

Economy of the region would be at stand still with the absence of these two main activities. Equipment used is outmoded, and there is improper storage and poor systems for transportation, however.

What You Get To See At Dame-Marie
The sea is a beautiful sight with crystal clear blue waters. The beach is truly exotic and at a distance are seen tall mountains. The town is developed well with a lot of newfangled associations and buildings for professionals.

Both land and sea transport can be used to access Dame-Marie. Christians are the residents living in majority at Dame-Marie. Out of the Christians, Catholics make a major section.

Culture and Fests
A lot of people follow the voodoo culture at Dame-Marie. The feast of patron Saint, Notre Dame de la Nativite de la Vierge is celebrated in the town each year on 8th September. Children can gain education from the few schools available in Dame-Marie.

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