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Will the next President be Jules Cantave, Jocelerme Privert or Evans Paul?

Evans Paul confirmed Martelly' departure on February 7. President Michel Martelly has exactly 11 days left before leaving office. In an interview given to a Venezuelan television network, Prime Minister once again confirmed that the president will not stay after this date as stated in the constitution. He also explained that there are several options in discussion between various actors to determine how the country is going to be governed after February 7th.

Will the next president of Haiti be:
- the current judge from Court of Cassation Jules Cantave,
- the president of the Senate Jocelerme Privert
- or Prime Minister Evans Paul

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US Government coming to term with Transitional Government in Haiti

It was quite a shift but finally the American Government has made a 90 degree turn to now support the creation of a Transitional Government. According to information obtained, the American Government is now leaning toward a transitional government that will replace the Martelly government on February 7. The United States' Haiti Special Coordinator Kenneth Merten is considering a new Provisional Government for a short period of time. Any decision at this time will have opposition. Some supporters of the Government wants him to stay in power until May 14 in order to supervise the election run-off; however, the core opposition group does no believe that the actual government has any credibility to hold election

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