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Samyr Laine to Go for the Gold in 2012 Olympics

London, England is hosting the Summer 2012 Olympic Games, which will run from Friday, July 27th to Sunday, August 12th. Haiti has a total of nine representatives, five of whom have already qualified to compete in the 30th Olympiad.

Field and Track athlete Samyr Laine will compete in the Triple Jump Event. In the Triple Jump, ability to gain forward momentum and yet get enough lift-off, but not too much, is key to a good Triple Jumper. Laine is one of only three competitors in this narrow-field event.

Samyr Laine's colleague, Linouse Desravines, will compete in Judo in the 52 kg. The other three qualified athletes will also be competing in Field and Track Events: Moïse Joseph, in the 800 m Event; Marleine Wesh, in the 400 m; and Jeffrey Julmis, in the 110 m/Hurdles Event.

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At the Olympic 2012 in London, Samyr Laine carries the Haitian Flag High

Finishing in 6th position in the men's triple jump, in group A on Tuesday, August 7, 2012, Samyr Laine with a triple jump of 16.81 meters his personal best is 17.39 meters and his best jump for the season 16.88 meters. Samyr Laine is now qualified for the final of Triple Jump.

He is currently 15th in the world rankings in the triple jump. Haiti has never been represented at this level since Sylvio Cator won a silver medal in the long jump in the 1928 Summer Olympic.

This is a declaration by Samyr Laine after his successful jump at the Olympic:

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