Turks and Caicos Islands to Pressure Haiti to stop illegal migration

On July 2nd, Governor Peter Beckingham left for the Bahamas to talk about the illegal migration of Haitians. The governor briefed the media that he was going to meet with the Bahamian Governor General, including other persons, to continue with the talks. These talks, according to the Governor, were initiated by Bahamian Prime Minister Perry Christie while in TCI in April 2014. The talks were to pressure Haitian government to address issue of illegal migration.


The Haitians were trying to escape their country, therefore, the Governor, together with other persons, decided to put more pressure to stop people from migrating to the Turks and Caicos Islands. According to his statement, there are people from Haiti who have embarked on journeys going to these Islands. He said they have noticed for the last four days people from Haiti entering their waters.

He said the Haitian government can do more to prevent this illegal migration. He said the memorandum of understanding should be signed as soon as possible. The Hon. Don-Hue Gardiner was expected to raise the subject of illegal migration in a meeting with ministers from Haiti and other countries.

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Beckingham expressed the need for other countries to work together to eliminate such problems. He added that Bahamas has got these illegal immigrants, and it is turning to be a big problem. The Bahamians are spending a lot of money to curb this illegal migration, and they have installed radar so that they can trace the Haitians entering their waters.

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