No difference between Haiti and US, 2014 World Press Freedom Index

For as long as I could [i]remember, I have never seen the United States and Haiti ranked in similar position in any world index; that was until this new one came out.


In its annual World Press Freedom Index, a Paris-based media rights watchdog ranked the United States at number 46 in the world in 2014.
US has plunged 13 positions and this was directly related to its handling of the National Security Agency leaks.

Now the United states found itself between countries such as Romania and Haiti.

Mezanmi, Oukwè ke Amerikin ta vle nan yon pozisyon akote Ayiti, especialman nan sa ki konserne libète bouch moun?

Eske nou panse ke Ayiti kap kommanse considere komman yo ka inpoze sanksyon sou Etazini pou fè Etazini respekte Libète La Press?

Pesonelman, mwen panse, si anne prochin Etazini pa fè okinn improvman nan "World Press Freedom" Gouvenman Martelly ta sipoze konsidere kek sanksyon.

"Mwen se yon Ayisyen du Payi, Mwen gin lalwa Dyol Mwen"

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Subject: No difference between Haiti and US, 2014 World Press Freedom Index edit

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