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First North Administrative Complex Part of De-Centralization Initiative

President Michel Martelly's de-centralization initiative has taken a significant step forward with the opening of the First North Administrative Sociocultural Complex (FNASC) in Vaudreuil. All Department Directorates and local State agencies will be housed in the Complex. It is a big structure with room for more than 100 offices, a circular-tiered auditorium, and spacious meeting rooms. It contains structural accommodations for those with physical impairments including ramps and mobile staircase chairs.

Vandreuil Complex is part of a network of other such structures being built in Departments around the country. The government of Haiti (GOH) is administering the Complex project with help from the Technical Implementation Unit; Urban Rehabilitation Unit; and Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation. The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) is providing the funding.

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