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FLASH - EU-EOM said CIEVE report was manipulated as no massive fraud found

Experts of the Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union stated that the so called massive irregularities and frauds alleged during the last election in Haiti did not materialize. The EU-EOM notes that the report by the the Commission of Verification (CIEVE) did not prove that serious fraud or irregularities took place or had an impact on the results. As a result, there was nothing in the report to trigger a change in the positioning of the main candidates. The Electoral Observation Mission of European Union concluded that the results of the Commission of Verification (CIEVE) has in fact been manipulated.

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Publication of electoral timetable postponed until June 6

The results of the Verification Commission published yesterday (may 30, 2016) has domino effect. The CEP as announced that due to the publication, the electoral calendar has been postponed until June 6, 2016. According to the CEP spokesman, they made the decision in light of the Verification Commission results and also the recent Decree by the government modifying their tasks.

What do you think?

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Commission recommends Presidential Election to be redone

The Commission of Evaluation gave his report today to President Privewrt and the CEP. It is incredible the kid of findings his team found during the evaluation. Here is some key points of his finding, with his own quotes:

"Distribution of mandates done in a way I would say frantic, opening the way to a kind of trade of access mandate, sold and traded"

"There are certain liberties that were taken with the law with the electoral process which create a range of non-retractable zombie votes to the point that the number of non-retractable votes almost exceeded the legitimate votes"

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Scoop - Commission results to be made public Monday, at 4:00PM

The result of the Commission of Verification will be made public on Monday (May 30, 2016) at 4:00PM, Haiti time which will be 5:00PM in Miami, Florida. We also learned that the president of the commission wants to meet with President Privert before the these results are made public. Mr. Daly Valet, as we learned is the one with the responsibilities to assure the liaison between the Commission of verification and the Eeecutive branch.

What do you expect on Monday at 4:00PM?

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Verification Commission will not have to say who goes to run off

Mr. François Benoit who is the President of the Commission of Verification was the guest of Valery Numa this morning(May 24, 2016). Contrary to what many of us were waiting to come out the evaluation, they will not indicate the candidates qualified to go to the run off presidential election. The Commission has an easier job than that. They will only have to indicate the level of fraud found in their evaluation of 25 percent of the sample. They will not have to say if the run of should be between Jude Celestin and Jovenel Moise, Jude and Moise Jean Charle, Maryse Narcisse and so on.....

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Only 510 out of 3235 Proce-Verbals inspected found to be acceptable

As we are getting close to the final report of the Commission of Verification, some interesting facts are are coming out. it was revealed that the Commission has found that out of 3235 Proce-Verbals inspected so far, only 510 of them were acceptable. In addition, The commission found massive fraud recorded in 90 percent of 490 Proce-Verbals excluded by the previous CEP. In addition, these deceptive acts were done in support of the candidate Jovenel Moise.

Mathias Pierre, a member of Pitit Dessaline, demands the removal of Jovenel Moise from the process. He quote article 178 of the Electoral decree.

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Verification Commission increases sample from 15% to 25%

The Tabulation center is finally under the control of the Commission of Verification. On Thursday, search of the truths, the Verification Commission moved to the Tabulation center with over 60 specialists to start their challenging task of evaluating whether or not there wwere frauds of irregularities in the past election, and if so who did it.

One very important point to note, the Commission has increased its sample. Instead of the 15% originally stated, the Commission of Verification will sample 25% of the "Proce-Verbals". They will be working under close supervision of various Political Parties.

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CIEVE, Verification Commission Methodology

The Independent Commission for Electoral Evaluation and Verification (CIEVE) was installed by the Provisional President Privert on April 28, 2016 with the objectives of reviewing previous election results and electoral court decisions, before moving forward with the unfinished election. The commission was created because as per his belief a verification process was necessary to establish credibility of the 2015 election results and restore confidence and encourage "players to trust the electoral council and to participate in the upcoming elections." Moreover, it was a key demand of many civil society organizations, human rights figures, and political parties.

This commission, like the earlier one created by the former President Martelly, would audit the last election process through a 15% random sample, because it is impossible to recount every vote cast by 5.8 million registered voters in about 10,000 polling stations. As per François Benoît, the President of the Commission, 15% sample size might carry a chance of 20% marginal error (which is much higher than 3 to 5% margin of error as was proclaimed by the earlier Commission set up by Martelly).

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Jude Celestin warns against any prefabricated report

Jude Celestin, the candidate for the presidency under LAPEH party came out after several weeks of silence to give a warning to the newly created Commission of Verification. He advised them to stay away from any prefabricated report.

Jude Celestin also stated that he supports the establishment of the evaluation commission to investigate the results of the 25 October 25, elections and has no fear for verification. In regard to an extension of the current agreement, he has no objection but would be against any new political agreement.

What do you think?

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Privert flexes his muscles by installing the Commission of Verification

Here is something we have not seen in Haiti for a long time, a President standing firm in his belief, his words, and conviction. Yesterday, President Jocelerme Privert finally installed the five members of the Commission of Verification at the National Palace. The 5 Independent Members are Francois Benoit, Gedeon, Pierre Wilfrid Sanon, Marc Donald Jean, and Michel Eric Gaillard.

It was quite remarkable not to see any representation from the legislative sector, the judicial sector and even more importantly representative from the International community at the ceremony.

What do you think?

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