Only 510 out of 3235 Proce-Verbals inspected found to be acceptable

As we are getting close to the final report of the Commission of Verification, some interesting facts are are coming out. it was revealed that the Commission has found that out of 3235 Proce-Verbals inspected so far, only 510 of them were acceptable. In addition, The commission found massive fraud recorded in 90 percent of 490 Proce-Verbals excluded by the previous CEP. In addition, these deceptive acts were done in support of the candidate Jovenel Moise.


Mathias Pierre, a member of Pitit Dessaline, demands the removal of Jovenel Moise from the process. He quote article 178 of the Electoral decree.

What do you think? Do you agree with Mathias Pierre

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Jacky Dessalines says...

Pep Haitien an douer tjrs ap vivre avek despair... yon LA vie miyo....yo offri li demagigie election Pou fel konnin election ap pote espoir Pou bluff...lap tjrs lan esckavage LA vie Chere ...grangou

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Fabonord says...

Hmmmm Ala zafè papa ! Si gen yon atik ki di Koman Pou declare yon moun koupab fraud e Koman Pou yo tretel pèsonn pa bezwen pale rete

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Subject: Only 510 out of 3235 Proce-Verbals inspected found to be acceptable edit

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