Verification Commission will not have to say who goes to run off

Mr. François Benoit who is the President of the Commission of Verification was the guest of Valery Numa this morning(May 24, 2016). Contrary to what many of us were waiting to come out the evaluation, they will not indicate the candidates qualified to go to the run off presidential election. The Commission has an easier job than that. They will only have to indicate the level of fraud found in their evaluation of 25 percent of the sample. They will not have to say if the run of should be between Jude Celestin and Jovenel Moise, Jude and Moise Jean Charle, Maryse Narcisse and so on.....


That' the use?

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Jacky Dessalines says...

Commission pat montecpiu vinn pote Esperance Pou yin LA vie miyo Pou pep Haitien...

Se tjrs Pou fe dilatoire piu tjrs kimbe pep Haitien an lan esclavage LA vie Chere ...grangou klorox...chomage ..maladie tuberculose...conseil electoral pas vinn travay Pou bay pep Haitien espoir tjrs vini kimbe minm status quo ...kimbe le

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Subject: Verification Commission will not have to say who goes to run off edit

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