The Famous "Grenadiers a l'assaut" Statement

Haitian historians reported that on November 18th, 1803, the last battle of the Expedition Santo Domingo with the slaves of the colony took place in Vertières near Cap-Francais known today as cap-Haitian or Cap-Haitien.


The troop commanded by General Rochambeau for the French Colonizer went head to head with the troop of General Jean-Jacques Dessalines, leader of the slave rebellion.

General François Capois, known as Capois-la-Mort led his brigade forward toward the forts of Vertieres under a storms of bullets from the forts

As he was approaching to Charrier, French fire killed a number of soldiers in the Haitian column. The Haitian soldiers closed ranks with great determination to win the battle, singing:

Grenadiers a l'assaut!
Sa Ki Mouri Zafe a Yo.
Nan Pwen Mamam.
Nan Pwen Papa.
Sa Ki Mouri, Zafe a Yo!
Grenadiers A l'assaut!

This is a statement that is still popular in Haiti, over two centuries after our independence

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