Why Haiti needs Kanaval or Carnival after the Haiti Earthquake

Kanaval (Carnival) in Haiti. Due to Haiti Earthquake, the Haitian Kanaval was cancelled this year.


I know this is unpopular, however, I believe that Haiti Kanaval or Carnival should not have been cancelled this year because of Haiti Earthquake.

What is the argument for a Haitian Kanaval (Carnival), specially after over 200,000 people passed away, many more Haitians injured, more than 1,000,000 having no place to stay. Also we can not even think about those who have lost everything: family members, property and more.

The argument for having a Haitian Kanaval or Carnival few months after Haiti Earthquake is simple. We need to move on.

What is Kanaval? What does Kanaval mean to Haitian? Why has Kanaval been so important in our lives. Why has Kanaval always been a tradition in Haiti? Why do all Haitian governments see the need to organize Carnival every year for Haitians?

Kanaval in Haiti has always been the therapy for the mass Haitians; we sing and dance when we want to cry; we sing and dance when we want to laugh; we sing and dance when we have been victimized. We sing and dance to coop with centuries of misery, injustice and governmental incompetence, mediocrity and lies. We sing and dance to coop with lack of basic services that any government that receive a salary to perform this job would at least be required to provide to his citizens, such as health care, basic security and a written disaster plan.

How will we be able to coop now that there is no Kanaval in Haiti? What are the alternatives to help Haitian Mental Health after such horrible experience? Can we afford Individual therapy sessions or group therapy sessions? Although we have international help coming from all over the world, can any of them help us with our mental issue? Can these international experts understand us enough to help? Doesn't that require professionals who can connect to us and understand us? Do we have enough qualify Haitians to provide these services?

By looking at the way we handled these kind of situations in the past, the typical Haitian will not receive any mental health services to coop with their Haiti Earthquake experience. Did Haitian receive appropriate therapy for past psychological problems? Ex: Trauma from Gonaive Hurricane, when school collapsed with several children recently, recent kidnapping phenomenon, burning of individuals in the street of Port-au-Prince with burning tire around the neck and frequent public assassinations.

I stand by my original statement: "Kanaval for all Haitians".

Watch Some beautiful Haitian Kanaval Music Videos:
Since there will not be any Kanaval in Haiti this year, I took the time to collect some top Haitian Kanaval Music Videos form previous years. Please enjoy:

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