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Cozy Joseph, Volunteer Ambassador for the Promotion of South of Haiti

Haiti's Cozy Joseph is a leading information technology specialist and philanthropist in both her mother-country Haiti and Florida. She is professionally an IT specialist for Florida Power and Light. Along with Dr. Serge Thys from the Psychiatry Department at Columbia Hospital in Florida, Dr. Ronald Romear, a pediatrician in Florida, and other Florida-based professionals founded the New York-based non-profit and humanitarian organization called the Gaskov Clergé Foundation. Named after the famous humanitarian Gaskov Clergé, the foundation aims to promote education, health, sports, and the sciences to make a difference in Haiti and the United States through acquiring donations.

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Ed Lozama, Volunteer Ambassador for the Promotion of South of Haiti

Ed Lozama is a popular radio personality in both Florida and Haiti's media industry and now a Vonlunteer Ambassador. He began his career in radio during his teenage years and has since then grown into one of the most respected radio broadcaster in his homeland and in the United States. Born and raised in Haiti, he studied broadcasting in the state of Chicago and settled in Miami for a few years, making a name for himself in Florida's radio industry. He then worked as a journalist to Voice of America but then decided to go back to Haiti to continue pursuing radio broadcasting there.

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Valery Numa, Volunteer Ambassador for the Promotion of South of Haiti

Veteran journalist Valery Numa is known for his contributions to Haitian media and his active participation in several philanthropic projects within the country. Born on 1974 in Camp-Perrin, a Sud department of Haiti in the town Les Cayes, Numa had a growing passion for journalism and acquired his degree in Social Communication from the State University of Haiti. He has then worked for several radio stations and newspapers such as Radio Canada, France's L'Humanité, and Reporters Without Borders, and owns his own production company called Index Production.

Valery Numa has also directed and released two films entitled "La Presse face his destiny" and "Mission". The film "Mission" won an award in 2006 during the 2nd International Film Festival Haitien Montreal. Outside journalism, Valery is an active representative of humanitarian NGO's PSI-Haiti and Vocation Group that campaign for blood donations and assist poverty-stricken Haitians. He was recently involved in a tragic car accident in late 2011 but was able to recover from his injuries shortly after.

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