First Video of Louis Farrakhan in Haiti, the Secret Land of Voodoo

As he repeated once again in his press conference at Toussaint L'Ouverture Airport, Minister Louis Farrakhan said he is in Haiti to learn about Voodoo and to have conversation with other religious leaders.


Farrakhan told the crowd that he already know about Christianity and Muslim religion, but he doesn't know Voodoo. The Reverent also stated that there is no way that Haiti can comeback to it original position if we disrespect Voodoo and those who gave Haiti liberty.

"Voodoo is what I came to learn about"

I don't think Pat Robertson would like that!

If you may recall, Pat Robertson's response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake, claiming that Haiti's founders had sworn a "pact to the Devil" in order to liberate themselves from the French slave owners and indirectly attributed the earthquake to the consequences of the Haitian people being "cursed" for doing so

Here is my dear friend Pat:

Ayibobo pou Farrakhan

Do you agree with his message and his support for the Voodoo religion in Haiti?

Do you go with Pat or Farrakhan?

Please Pick one

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Justin says...

The guy is a real leader and his knowledge is deep. I love the knowledge Farrakhan is spreading to the Haitian people.

This is something we desperately need in Haiti.

I honestly believe that at the rate he's going, there could be a more unified Black race of people on this Earth within the next few years.

We are safer ( in the long run) if we group together.

I added it to my favorites so my subscribers can see this too. Thanks for

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Subject: First Video of Louis Farrakhan in Haiti, the Secret Land of Voodoo edit

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