After Life Beliefts In Voodoo Religion

Voodoo followers believe in afterlife. Voodoo Religion believes that even after death, a person's soul remains around until it is reborn.


Voodoo is a religion that started in Haiti more than 280 years ago. It is actually practiced in other African regions and countries such as Jamaica and Santo Domingo and is associated with the traditional religions in Africa and the Caribbean. Voodoo followers believe in a supreme being called Gran Met, who is known for creating the world. However, followers often worship and serve the loas, or the pantheon of divinities, because Gran Met is believed to be too far away to answer their calls.

According to Voodoo, a human life has five parts, including the corps cadaver (the flesh or the body) and the Gros bon ange and ti bon ange, which form the soul. Literally, Gros bon ange and to bon ange means "big good angel" and "little good angel," respectively, and they have a lot to do with afterlife belief.

It is believed that when a person dies, his/her soul does not leave the world yet. For seven days, the little good soul hangs around the corpse, exposing it to sorcerers who can capture and turn it into spiritual zombies. If the soul remained safe within the crucial seven-day period, a Voodoo priest can then free it from the body, after which it can stay in the dark waters for a year.

When the time comes, the soul will be reborn as long as the deceased's family did the proper rituals to send the soul to the govi and transform it into a spirit.

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