Ghede In Voodoo Mythology

When it comes to Voodoo mythology in Haiti, Ghede is one the most prominent figures. Ghede is the God of Death who stands and guards the eternal crossroads, where the dead passes to go to a place called Guinee. This place is the home of the gods. Ghede is described as a figure wearing long black coat and donning black top hat and dark glasses. Being the God of Death who knows everything about the deceased, Ghede is considered the wisest among the Voodoo gods.


Ironically, Ghede is also recognized as the Lord of Life. He sustains people's lives and oversees their reproduction. He also has the power to bring back the dead through resurrection. Aside from being the God of Death and Life, Ghede is also the God of Love. No one can control Ghede's followers but himself. The Voodoo spirit masters, who are also called the Hougans, do not have power over Ghede.

The God of Death is known by a few names such as Papa Gede, Baron Samedi and Bawon Samedi. The colors black, purple and white are associated with Ghede, as well as the symbols of black cross, skull, shovel, and mirrored sunglasses. Hot peppers with kleren are another item linked to Ghede, who is often described as a trickster but a wise counselor and healer.

Baron is the boss of Ghede, while Grand Brigette is the mother of Gedes. The clan is depicted as figures donning black and purple dresses that are lot like Masonic uniforms. They wear sunglasses to adjust to the brightness above ground.

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