Haoussa or Hausa Mystery in Haitian Culture, Is It True Or Not?

Houssa phenomenon is popular among Haiti businesses. This phenomenon is believed to have occurred when businesses suddenly and mysteriously lose money. There are many instances and stories told about certain Houssa people coming in to a store and buying something. They will pay in cash and get change from the seller. However, once they are gone, the seller would notice that they lost money and that their earnings do not add up. Many businesses experiencing losses blame it on the Houssa phenomenon.


However, is it really the main cause of losses? There are others questioning the truth behind the Houssa phenomenon, citing other possible reasons why businesses might have lost their sales. Mismanagement of the business is one reason. There are businessmen who fail to record all the transactions that happened in the day. Instead of recording it on paper, they try to keep the transactions in their memories, which they can forget at the end of the day.

There are also shop owners who buy things for their families using the day's sales and forget to take the expense into account. These are some the possible reasons why their earnings and expenditures do not match, which lead them to think that their money just suddenly went missing.

The Houssa phenomenon involves a large ethnic group from West Africa. Some Houssa people live in Lagos, Cotonou, Acrra and other coastal regions, while many others came from small villages in West Africa. Houssa people are known for their trading skills, with many becoming rich in various itinerant trading and are linked to high social positions and statutes.

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