The 175-room Marriott hotel opens in Haiti

The opening of Haiti's newest hotel, only the second in the country that is internationally branded, is being heralded as a new hope for the country. What it also could become, is a viable new hotel model within the region, bringing a functionality to the expected luxury that could well benefit the host country where it matters, their GDP. The effort of the partners Marriott and Digicel have made this possible through a $45 million USD investment that has birthed the 175-room ray of hope that is the Marriott Port-au-Prince.


What makes the hotel so full of potential to Haiti's tourism is obvious, it is beautiful, named and has a lot of press buzz, but what makes it full of economic potential for the country is the innovative business model set to fuel the daily needs of the hotel while heaping benefits on other businesses in the country. Various articles necessary for the day-to-day functionality of the hotel that can be sourced from local producers will be bought from these suppliers, ramping up the earnings of these business, small, medium, and large alike.

On the roster for this exchange are businesses to provide the hotel's food, general goods and amenities. They will also cultivate a relationship with local artists from whom they will buy pieces to showcase, but the Marriott Port-au-Prince will also host an art market on a weekly basis that will facilitate the selling of local works to their guests. Its staff is outfitted with shoes from Haitian shoe company TOMS, their soaps are from Ayiti Natives, and their coffee is from Rebo Coffee, also a Haitian company.

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