The Town of Arnaud, a Flood Survivor in Haiti

Arnaud, one of the smallest villages in Haiti, is part of the Anse a Veau Arrondissement in the Nippes Department. Its population numbers under 19,000 inhabitants. The village's smallness contributes to over-crowding, which makes living conditions more difficult. Arnaud is sub-divided into three communes: Baconnois-Barreau, Baquet, and Arnaud City Center. Arnaud has only recently been incorporated as a separate municipality, having been created from the town of Anse-a-Veau.


The main form of economic activity is farming. Farmers grow crops of coffee, rice, banana, lime, sugar cane, and cotton, which afford them a modest standard of living according to Haitian standards.

The village's religious denomination is--as would be expected in Haiti--largely Catholic. The remainder of religious faiths includes Muslims, Protestants, and Voodoo believers.

The road network of this tiny village is appallingly underdeveloped, which is no surprise, given that much of Haiti's infrastructure is in bad shape, especially since the 2010, magnitude 7.0 earthquake. Arnaud also does not possess an airport, and it is a long trek for travelers to reach even the closest one, Les Cayes. Two other airports in the Nippes region, Perry Municipal and Port-au-Prince International Airports lie further out.

Arnaud's weather system forces it to endure severe rainy seasons, with dense downpours that bring on large-scale flooding. During some rainstorms, as in 2006, the flooding threatened the homes and lives of residents. But thanks to the international community, who monitors flood-risk towns and villages, such as Arnaud, quick evacuations and re-settlements of families saved many lives.

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