The Town of Vallue in Haiti, beautiful locality near Petit Goave

Haiti is home to the most beautiful and breath-taking tourist destinations in the world. Recently, the country's hidden wonders have been gaining international attention, attracting an increasing number of tourists yearly. This growing boom in Haiti's tourism industry, in turn, has been helping the country's economy greatly.


Haiti is surrounded by bodies of water, making the perfect Caribbean getaway. One of the most highly-recommended spots for some peace and quiet is the coastal city of Vallue in Petit-Goave. It is located in the country's West department, about 70 kilometers away from Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince. Petit-Goave is one of the oldest settlements in the region, developed in the 16th century by the French and the Spanish conquerors.

One of Petit-Goave's hidden beauties is the small, little-known town of Vallue, the coastal city's 12th communal. This quiet, serene area is about 25 square kilometers of lush greenery, colorful flora and fauna, and captivating mountain views. The residents of Vallue live a simple life, mostly that of farming, thus the rich vegetation all around the area. With only about 5,000 residents in total, the town has about four schools and one clinic.

Vallue also has its share of Hispanic and French ruins and old buildings that tourist could easily and enjoyably appreciate, as well as local markets. For the beach lover, the town has a vast coastline with the most picturesque view when the sun goes down. Vallue is all about simplicity, the tropics, and nature; the best vacation trip for the workaholic seeking for some quiet time.

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