Three of Lencie Mirville's killers arrested, one still at large

Agents of Haiti National Police arrested three individuals believed to be involved in the kidnapping, torturing and killing of Haitian student Lencie Mirville. This success story was a result of good Police work following a Police operation conducted on December 19 in the area of Carrefour. According PNH, the individuals involved in the crime on Lencie Mirville were not not strangers. Here are the names:


Guerrier Jean Francky,
Barthelmy Edison,
Geraldy B. William
Desir Jebson AKA Sonsonn.

It was reported that Sonson has been identified as the mechanic for the pastor, father of the victim. Another one is a former Police Officer. There is also a forth individual involved in the crime who is still at large. Police is actively looking for that fourth suspect.

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Haitian Kreyol:

Twa nan asasen Lencie Mirville arete, youn toujou sove

Ajan Polis Nasyonal Ayiti arete twa moun yo kwè ki te patisipe nan kidnapin, tòtire ak touye elèv Lencie Mirville. Sa a se istwa siksè bon travay Lapolis apre yon operasyon Lapolis fèt 19 Desanm nan zòn Carrefour. Dapre PNH, moun ki konsène yo nan krim sou Lencie Mirville yo pa t 'pa etranje. Sonson ki devlope plan kidnape lan te mekanisyen fanmi an. Yon lòt se te yon ansyen Ofisye Polis. Genyen tou yon lot moun ki te patisipe nan krim nan ke Polis Nasyonal Ayiti ape chèche.

Kisa ou panse?

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Subject: Three of Lencie Mirville's killers arrested, one still at large edit

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