Tips for Tsunami

Tsunami detecting systems may be used in high risk areas to alert and warn the general population before tsunami waves reach the land.


It is important to provide tsunami education so that people may be able to identify the signs of an approaching tsunami. For instance, a tsunami may begin with the water at the sea shore receding. It can also begin with the water levels rising.

If the leading edge of the wave is the trough, the sea recedes before the waves hit the coast. People unaware of such signs may get excited and remain at the sea shore out of curiosity, or to collect fish from the bare sea bed.

In cases where the wave front of the tsunami is its first peak, the succeeding waves can lead to further flooding.

Computer models have been designed to provide information that can help predict the possibility of a tsunami occurrence. These models can avail information about events that trigger tsunami. They also report on the changing shape of the sea floor and the coastal land which are major indicators of a developing tsunami.

A traditional method to detect an approaching tsunami is observing the behaviour of animals. When animals sense the danger of an approaching tsunami they flee to a higher safer ground before the tsunami waters arrive.

Some measures to reduce the damage caused by Tsunami have been put in place in tsunami-prone countries. Another common method to mitigate the effects of tsunamis is by planting trees on the shoreline.

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