Tips To Help You Survive A Tornado

Though the number of deaths caused by tornadoes is not high, it is advisable to take necessary measures. A research done by Environment Canada indicates that, the probability of being killed by a tornado is one to 12 million. The chances are too low. However, we cannot take risks. Other than death of human beings, tornadoes can cause havoc. Tornadoes damage properties, displaces physical objects, brings down buildings and can easily toss cars.


Whenever signs of a tornado are observed a tornado warning is issued. You need to listen to news from your local radio and TV station for tornado warnings.

When the warning of a tornado is issued, the first thing to do is to look for a sheltered area. The best place in a building to get shelter from a tornado is a windowless room or corridor. If you get a secured place below ground the better.

If you are in a building, you should hide under beams or in doorways. Strong furniture can also be a source of shelter from debris that may be forced to rain.

If you are in a mobile structure, evacuate immediately. Seek for shelter in stronger building, either in a neighbours or friends home. Some regions have storm cellars in place. These can be ideal for shelter from tornadoes.

If you are driving, do your calculations right. Cars are easily tossed around by the severe winds caused by tornadoes. If the tornado is far away, you can drive away at an angle of 900 to that of the tornado. However, if the tornado is already sweeping the road, do not drive along the tornado path. You should leave the vehicle and seek for shelter.

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