Tips to Haitian Woman - Sleeping Without Panties is Better for your Health

In recent years, people have been given information on precautions they must take in order to remain healthy, and prevent infections from developing. For example, lack of good dental health habits can lead to conditions like gingivitis or pyorrhea. It can also affect the rest of the body, creating the conditions for diabetes to develop.


In the area of gynecological health, it has been discovered that wearing underwear when sleeping can affect the health of the vulva, the external female genitalia. This is something that every woman should, my Haitian women in particular.

What follows are some guidelines to maintain the health of this area of the body.

Don't wear panties. Wearing panties, especially when sleeping, is a detrimental practice, because the vulva needs plenty of air circulation when at rest. The phenomenon of sleep allows the brain and the body to repair itself. Sleep removes built-up toxins and generates hormones to sustain and strengthen the immune system. It is an opportunity for the body to breathe, supporting the renewal process occurring while it is at rest.

Again for my Haitian women who may want to look sexy, don't wear thongs. The thin strip of material slips into the crevices of both the anal and vulva areas. Bacteria from the anus, transferred to the strip, easily travels the short distance from the vulva to the vagina, where the bacteria is deposited into its orifice. This occurrence can cause infections of the vagina.

Give up menstrual pads and panty liners. Wearing them raises the temperature of the vulva, creating a warm, inviting environment for bacteria to breed in. Use alternative means of absorption.

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