U.N. and US Blame Opposition Group of 6 Senators in Haiti for Delayed Elections

Elections in Haiti are often not occasions one may set their clocks by, but the outside forces of the U.N. and US are now making mention of the most recent hold-up, not mincing words when pointing the blame as to whom is responsible.


Earlier in September, at the United Nations Security Council meeting, Samantha Power, the United States Ambassador to the U.N., fingered the so-monikered "Group of 6", an opposition group that has created the electoral stalemate. She pointed out at the gathering that this group of Senators had gone as far as to even prevent a debate on the electoral law. Also labelled as guilty, this time by the head of MINUSTAH, is a senatorial group who are against the El Rancho Accord.

The legislation that is required for the elections to be held has not yet been passed. There are also concerns that other political parties are opposed to the El Rancho

Accord, and that the executive branch controls the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), which should be bipartisan as it has the task of organizing the vote. Going further by dragging President Michel Martelly into the quagmire is his former electoral opponent and leader of the opposition, Mirlande Manigat. Manigat would remind the public that President Martelly had not called elections for three years now. As such, he claims, it is not fair to blame the six senators.

While the delay may have been because of a desire by some to hold not just an expedient, but a constitutional and fair election, others also speculate that the President also wished to extend his run so as not to lose his control without the full oversight of parliament.

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Subject: U.N. and US Blame Opposition Group of 6 Senators in Haiti for Delayed Elections edit

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