U17 World Cup Qualifiers Underway In Haiti, Grenadiers Alaso

Haiti hosts the U-17 FIFA Men's World Cup at the Sylvio Cator Stadium. The 7-day first phase tournament, which was scheduled to kick off last July 3, gathers several teams, including the young Grenadiers and squads from the Dominican Republic and St. Lucia. The qualifying tournament is where the teams would battle for a spot at the 2013 U-17 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. The prestigious FIFA competition will be held from October 17 to November 18, 2013.


Haiti is being bannered by talented Grenadiers aged under 17. They are led by coach Maximus Augustus, who played a key role in coming up with the national selection. Augustus receives coaching and training assistance from Chery Pierre and Rosemond Pierre. The U-17 Haiti team square off with squads from St. Lucia, the Dominican Republic and Curacao.

Foreign teams were warmly welcomed by the Organizing Committee. The Grenadiers are currently staying in Port-au-Prince.

The first match brought the Dominican Republic and Curacao against each other, while Haiti and St. Lucia locked horns. On July 7, the Dominicans will fight with St. Lucia, as young Grenadiers will face off with the lads from Curacao. St. Lucia will then square off with Curacao on July 9, while a derby between Haiti and the Dominican Republic will close the tournament.

Haiti coach Augustus believed in his wards, saying that each of them is talented and bears a lot of potential. He expressed confidence that the young national squad will make it through to the 2013 World Cup.

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