Vice-Consul of Haiti Judnie Galdine Souffrant has major ego problem

I own the road, I am above all law and if you don't think so here is proof. To show his point Haitian vice-consul Judnie Galdine Souffrant has decided to block the Haiti-Dominican border with her vehicle, causing traffic problem between Haiti and the Dominican Republic for several hours yesterday.


Madanm lan di: "Ti Mari pap Monte, Ti Mari Pap Desan"

Why all these?

There must be a very good reason for that? Probably another attempt by the Dominicans to humiliate Haitians and to make a stand and to defend our pride, Vice-Consul of Haiti Judnie Galdine Souffrant probably to do something about that.

Answer, none of that.

The Vice-Consul has decided to block the Domionican-Haiti border in Ouanaminthe with her vehicle because Dominican Customs inspectors has the audacity to asked her for his identity papers and that of the vehicle she was driving

Vice-Consul of Haiti Judnie Galdine Souffrant fail victim of a disease that affects lots of people in Haiti called power. She feels so powerful to the point of not being able to control her behaviors. I would suggest for her to turn down on her arrogance and pride and focus on having more modesty

Vice-Consul of Haiti Judnie Galdine Souffrant is "Suffrant" meaning she is sick. She needs to work on he ego as this is becoming a major problem.

There are 10 Words related to ego :
They are: Egotistical, arrogant, penis, cocky, asshole, douche, douchebag, pride, stupid and dick

What do you think?

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Shime Leroy says...

moin pas croue que ce on solution si yo te quimbe e yo te batt li ca qui te ap passer li te ap prend coup et humiliation pou compte li dominicain pap jouer ak Haitien peut etre si li te yon femme blanche yota va fais on ti

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Subject: Vice-Consul of Haiti Judnie Galdine Souffrant has major ego problem edit

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