Baille Tourible in Thomonde Region of Central Plateau

Central plateau is one of the poorest regions in Haiti. Baille Tourible is a small town, surrounded by mountains, in the third communal section of Thomonde. The village is populated by 12,000 inhabitants.


Here water is a part of the luxury goods. This village is one of the very few places that have been spared from mass deforestation. Deforestation causes erosion and it has severely affected the agricultural production in the central plateau. KANPE is a foundation that works for the most vulnerable families in Haiti who are in extreme poverty; it helps them to achieve their individual financial autonomy. They work in the central plateau taking one village at a time.

In 2011, KANPE started their activities in the Thomonde region. Thomonde has three villages, Savanette Cabrale, Tierra Muscadi and Baille Tourible with a total population of 40,000. KANPE choose to begin its program in Baille Tourible because (i) it was the most neglected area in the whole region, roads were unserviceable (ii) at the beginning of 2011, Baille Tourible was the most affected village by a cholera epidemic. People were dying without any medical care. (iii) Its strategic location facilitated cooperation between KANPE and its two main partners, Zanmi Lasante and Fonkoze.

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