Voting day in Haiti is now over, the count has started

At 5:05 PM, All Voting Centers are closed and the August 9, 2015 Voting day is now over, now the count has started.


Several thousands of Haitians were in the street today in direction of polling stations to vote. It has been over four years since Haitians were able to participate in an election. However, the voting day was plagued by delays, disorder and physical violence

Several polling stations across the country did not open at 6:00 AM as scheduled. The staff had to wait for ballots. In Centers, voters became upset as their name couldn't be found on the official voting lists.

In Port-au-Prince, at least three voting centers were closed in mid day after some people attempted to stuff ballot boxes and ripped up paper ballots.

Observers from various political parties complained that they were unable to observe the operation as access to voting centers were denied. Several incident of rocks throwing and scattered arrests also were recorded at some polling stations

Preliminary official reactions were all positive in regard to the Election day. Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul said the government was satisfied with the legislative elections. President Michel Martelly was also overall satisfied with this election day. In regard to the incidents recorded, he added that his hope is that the election officials are better organized for the presidential elections in October.

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