What do you think is likely to happen on voting day in Haiti?

It seems like more preparations have been done to make sure that on Sunday everything runs smoothly. Whether or not there is a hurricane, earthquake, or any other natural disaster, the election will take place.


WATCH MUSIC VIDEO: Jean Robert ARGANT report on meeting with CEP

The CEP, Haiti National Police, MINUSTAH, The Executive branch comprising of both President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Evans Paul, the international community, all have been focusing on one thing, assuring the public that the first round of Presidential election in Haiti will be different than that conducted few months ago. More Police presence, more coordination with various organizations that will be monitoring the election. Even more importantly, the delegate problem seems to be under control as a new plan was developed where they will provide supervision on a rotating basis and that all political parties will be represented.

Do you still think there is a chance that the election on Sunday may not take place?

Do you think they will take place; however it will be fixed by the government to favor Jovenel Moise, PHTK candidate?

Are you certain that everything will turn out just fine

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Julio De Castro says...

It is passed time for Haitian of the first black Republic come together to help the country go forward.

We will go no where with those traditional politicians who just think of their pocket and money while they neglect the well being of the Haitian

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Nestor P Mateo says...

I have my

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Subject: What do you think is likely to happen on voting day in Haiti? edit

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