Will the next Prime Minister be Dr. Garry Conille?

All the arrows seem to be going in one direction at this time. All the major news medias are confirming that Dr. Garry Conille was the the candidate selected by President Michel Martelly to become the next Prime Minister of Haiti.


Who is Dr. Garry Conille? He is a forty five years old. Dr. Garry Conille is a graduate of College Canado Haitien. He also studied at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the UEH in Haiti and at the University of North Carolina in the United States.

What are his chance to become the next prime Minister of Haiti if in fact Dr. Garry Conille is the choice of President Michel Martelly?

Many people would say that his chances are pretty good. According to some close sources, since members of the Haitian parliament learned about Dr. Conille, there have not been many negative reactions. He has been described as competent and non-confrontational.

Does that mean Dr. Garry Conille would have a smooth ride through the Haitian parliament?

Don't count on it.

The problem that caused the nation not to have a Prime Minister since the inauguration of President Michel Martelly which is now more than three Months, has little to do with the individual himself and everything to do with how the cake will be split. Who will have what, where , when, how much are the real conversation that some of us are not aware of.

It will be very interesting now to see what kind of arguments will be presented with the candidacy of Dr. Garry Conille

Do you think it will happen this time?

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Chyna says...

I told my grandmother how you hpeled.

She said, Â"bake them a

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Lyonel Jean-pierre says...

NO! According to Article 157 of the Haitian constitution, the Prime Minister of Haiti must reside in the country for five consecutive

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Thomas Marcelin. Ph.d says...

It might be. However, I am not quite sure that that Dr Garry Conille will meet the requirement(s) of the Haitian constitution in order to be legally the next prime minister.


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P Desrosiers Md Mph Ph says...

Yes, he is a good candidate and should be ratified if he is indeed selected by the president.

Let's move on.
Paultre Pierre

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Daniel Deylette Des Nipps says...

l realy aprecate your email my freind, my respond is no and yes! firts no: the hatian law is clear to be prime minister the nominee supose to leave in haiti five hears consecutively' then conille is not eligyble.

sec is yes coz our 87's constitution is not since 1994 were the UN force controle that contry
nevertheless in our legislatives chambers it's never quetion of law but what they could have like a pc of cake. so a good sweety deal could put him in pow .more than that conille is the intl favorite ;clinton is the super political buster of haiti since 1994 bill do what hi want.
no diol to

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Mr. Bill Chery says...

just go back 2014th years ago and see yourself haiti can be change without me.Therefore, I am the only one can gorvern haiti now. Or call back Duvalier's father (papa doc) 1st black country independance what a

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Gesnel Adelson says...

Well, Haiti needs a prime minister who is aware of Haitians' situation, someone who's a patriot, who is sensitive, somebody who loves Haiti and Haitian people.

He must not be stingy nor selfish.Finally, he or she has to be honest and capable as well as

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Gesnel Adelson says...

To me, Dr.Gary Conille seems having some pretty good knowledge in the matter of "medicine." Is he competent in political matter to furnish the president the possible advice to help the country moving forward?

Le professeur vit de sa craie, Le menuisier vit de son marteau.

A doctor isn't a mechanic, a mechanic isn't a

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Damony Cave says...

In my understanding, the problem that this country is facing, it not a prime Minister problem but a problem of MEN with dignity.

They Haitian polical players just don't care about the case of Haiti but thinking about their own porket, Visa for their Family and Residence in State.

It's really, really painful.

What ashamed.

Damony CAVE
Student of Law in

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Josephine Napoleon says...

I'll put all my money on it that Dr. Garry Conille will probably get to be the next Prime Minister.

However, it will be a fight just the same because its politics in Haiti as usuall.

Lets hope that he is not an American Citizen and that he does not sale his soul. Also, if Dr. Garry Conille does not get elected soon and I mean soon the citizen of Haiti should protest and demand that its time that country goes forward.

All this acitivity nonsense need to stop. Does any of these politicians in Haiti knows that the world is watching and commenting on their behavior.

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