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Gary Conille washes his hands off PetroCaribe fund's misuse

Gary Conille explains his role in funds from PetroCaribe

Former Prime Minister Gary Conille who was invited to the Permanent Commitee and Senate Ethics Corruption to explain the management of fund from PetroCaribe under his administration made it clear that he had reservations about the system, procedures and in supporting different types of projects that were chosen.

He completely washed his hands off PetroCaribe funds and from some of the juicy contracts with some Dominican companies as juicy like Pontius Pilate at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus. Garry Conille reminded the committee that he was in charge of the PetroCaribe funds only for a period of four months(from October 17, 2011 to February 24, 2012).

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Role of Prime Minister of Haiti and List

The Haitian Prime Minister heads the country's government and shares executive powers with the head of state. The holder of the Prime Minister post is appointed by the incumbent president and gets approval from the National assembly.

The Prime Minister has the responsibility of law enforcement vested upon him and works alongside the president to ensure national defense.

Previous Haitian Prime Ministers:

February 9, 1988 - June 20, 1988 - Martial Célestin

June 20, 1988 - February 13, 1991 - Post abolished

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Beaking News - Laurent Lamorthe Designated New Prime Minister By Martelly

It is official. The persen selectd to replace Dr. garry Conille for the posiion of Prime Minister in Haiti is no other than Mr. Laurent Lamorthe.

Laurent Salvador Lamothehas been the Minister of Foreign Affairs since October 2011.

Laurent Salvador Lamothe was born on August 14, 1972 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He has a Masters degree in business management and has become a successful businessman. Laurent Salvador Lamothe founded Global Voice Group, a telecommunications company with his business partner, Patrice Baker.

Now that h selection is made by President Michel Martelly, the ball is on the court of the Haitian lagislators to confirm Laurent Lamothe as Prime Minister.

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Message of President Martelly following the resignation of Prime minister Garry Conille

President Michel Martelly went on Television yesterday to reassure the Haitian population that the government is stable following the sudden resignation of Prime Minister Garry Conille.

What will happen next. As we all know the two branches of the Haitian government have not been in good working relationship lately. Following a meeting that took place recently at the private home of Prime Minister Garry Conille where there were allegation that the President insulted many Haitian Senators and Deputies who were present, many have decided to limit their interactions with the president. Now that the situation requires that they come together and select a new Prime Minister, how will this turn out?

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Breaking News - Radio Kiskeya reported that Prime Minister Garry Conille has resigned

Radio kiskeya revealed that Prime Minister Garry Conille called it quit. He has handed his resignation to President Michel Martelly this morning around 8:00am. According to Radio Kiskeya who just announced the resignation of Carry Conille as Prime Minister in Haiti, sources closed to the Prime Minister just confirmed that the news

The source for Radio Kiskeya also revealed that on Monday, Prime Minister Garry Conille scheduled a Meeting with the Prime Ministers and none of them showed-up. In the meantime, they all were present the next day in a presidential meeting held by President Michel Martelly.

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Will Prime Minister Garry Conille leave or stay for more abuse

It is now obvious to many people who have been following politic in Haiti to conclude that the conflict has escalated. The original confrontation that existed between Haitian President Michel Martelly and the Senate now involves Prime minister Garry Conille and some are asking whether this will lead to an eventual vacancy in the post of Prime Minister.

The president told the ministers not to comply with the senate investigation while the PM asked them to do so to avoid a political crisis.

Prime Minister Carry Conille who is the person currently in charge of the Haitian Government asked all his ministers to submit their documents and appear before the Senate Commission as requested.

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Allegation of Coup D'Etat conspiracy against Michel Martelly

Breaking News. President Michel Martelly made a surprise visit during a meeting at the residence of Prime Minister Garry Conille and it was not to praise them. Quite the contrary.

According to information obtained from Radio Kiskeya, one of the senators who was present at the meeting made a phone call to President Martelly, stating that a group of Senators was plotting a coup D'Etat against him.

Some Senators reported that they had to leave as President Martelly became furious and was very offensive toward many of them.

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Michel Martelly deletes and blocks critical comments on Facebook Page instead of declaring assets

What do you do when someone posts something on your facebook page that you don't like? you just delete it.

According to information obtained by the "Haitian Joudalist", this is exactly what the Haitian president did recently when someone posted a comment saying that the people are waiting for him to declare his assets.

Here is the exact comment that appeared on the Facebok page of President Michel Martelly and was deleted, according to the website: "President, the people are waiting for you to declare your assets and for you to make your education initiative transparent so that the world can begin showing faith in the Haitian government. You are always saying that it is you who is president...lead by example Mr. President! Conille seems to lead the way by declaring his assets!"

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Prime Minister Garry Conille involved in Car accident in Laboule

How can this happen? The car brakes of the head of of Haiti government failed. According to the report, it happened in the location of Laboule near port -au-Prince when the car that was taking Prime Minister Garry Conille got into an accident. The accident was not serious and Prime Minister Garry Conille was not hurt.

Mr. Conille, as head of government, I would advise that you go and find out what's going on.

Prime Minister Garry Conille "Fok ou Geté Dlow"

If it is not your helicopter that does a forced landing, it is the Airplane taking the government team to Cuba that was obligated to do emergency landing.

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Official cabinet composition of Prime Minister Garry Conille

The composition of the new team is out. Prime Minister Garry Conille has formed his ministerial cabinet and guess what, the "Haitian Joudalist" has the list.

The official list is as follows:

Garry Conille, Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and External Cooperation

Me Thierry Mayard Paul, Minister of the Interior, local authorities and national

Lemercier Georges André, Minister of Economy and Finance

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