RE: Will The Next Prime Minister Be Dr. Garry Conille?

Josephine Napoleon - August 30 2011, 9:32 PM

I'll put all my money on it that Dr. Garry Conille will probably get to be the next Prime Minister.

However, it will be a fight just the same because its politics in Haiti as usuall.

Lets hope that he is not an American Citizen and that he does not sale his soul. Also, if Dr. Garry Conille does not get elected soon and I mean soon the citizen of Haiti should protest and demand that its time that country goes forward.

All this acitivity nonsense need to stop. Does any of these politicians in Haiti knows that the world is watching and commenting on their behavior.

I'm so ashame to say that I'm an Haitian American at times.

I do give President Michel Martely my regards, I feel his pain. May Haiti prosper!

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Will the next Prime Minister be Dr. Garry Conille?

All the arrows seem to be going in one direction at this time. All the major news medias are confirming that Dr. Garry Conille was the the candidate...

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just go back 2014th years ago and see yourself haiti...

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